Certified HR Business Partner Training

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Certified HR Business Partner Training

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The HR Business Partner certification offered by GSDC is a comprehensive and globally recognized program designed to validate HR professionals’ strategic HR practices. With a focus on various areas such as organizational design, talent management, business acumen, HR analytics, change management, and employee engagement, this certification is the perfect fit for HR professionals who are aspiring or already functioning in HR Business Partner roles.


By staying updated with the latest industry trends and practices, HR professionals can demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in strategic HR practices. The certification is offered by leading HR professional associations, and it is recognized and valued by organizations worldwide.


Our experienced instructors will guide you through the various aspects, case studies, and practical projects that help demystify HR Business Partnering and translate your learning to sustained organizational impacts. Upon completing the course and being certified, HR professionals will be able to act as strategic partners to senior leadership, enabling organizations to achieve their strategic objectives and transform culture, people, and processes.


Join us today and take the first step toward realizing your true potential as an HR Business Partnering professional.

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What is Included

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Certify your achievement with a globally valid certification.

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  • Globally recognized certification.
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Practical skill development
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest HR trends
  • Enhance HR business partners’ credibility
  • Develop strategic HR management skills
  • Build business acumen
  • Master HR analytics
  • Improve talent management skills.
  • Enhance employee relations skills
  • Develop legal compliance knowledge


  • Enhance HR’s capabilities as strategic partners.
  • Equip HR to align initiatives with objectives and drive performance.
  • Improve understanding of business operations’ impact on HR and results
  • Develop effective HR strategies, policies, and programs.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with stakeholders.
  • Manage change and lead transformational initiatives.
  • Navigate complex legal and regulatory issues related to HR.
  • Provide a framework for continuous learning and development.


  • HR business partners
  • HR Generalists
  • HR consultants
  • HR professionals at all levels
  • Individuals seeking a deeper understanding of the HR profession
  • Professionals in related fields such as talent management, employee relations, and organizational development
  • HR Managers


Skills required of business partners:

  • Overview of skills required by a Strategic HR Business Partner
  • Importance of the program in acquiring these skills.

Metrics for strategic HR:

  • Identification of relevant metrics for business goals
  • How to use metrics to determine workforce efficiency and impact

Developing business acumen, strategy, and basic finance skills:

  • Developing fundamental business skills
  • Understanding of business strategy, finance, and key terminology
  • HR’s contribution to a customer-centric culture
  • Effective communication skills

Skills in consulting:

  • Understanding the link between business and people challenges
  • Use of scientific knowledge and data to support decision-making
  • Effective communication with stakeholders

Data & Analytics for HR:

  • Strategic use of data to guide decision-making
  • Human resources analytics insights

The employee experience:

  • Importance of employee experience in the digital era
  • Mapping an employee journey to understand the employee experience

An overview of the future of work:

  • Preparing the workforce for the future
  • Responding to the Digital Agenda
  • Designing HR processes for business profitability


Experience in general HR and a strong understanding of the business can prove to be quite useful but is not mandatory.

Exam Details

  • 90-minutes exam.
  • 40-multiple choice questions (MCQ).
  • 26 out of 40-65% is needed to pass.
  • In case the participant does not score the passing percentage, they will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. Re-examination can be taken up to 30 days from the date of the 1st exam attempt.


Who is the ideal audience for the HR Business Partner Certification?

  • Professionals who are already working in Human Resources and want to advance their careers or those who aspire to become an HR Business Partner and need the necessary skills and knowledge.

What is the Certified HR Business Partner and what are its benefits?

  • The certification is a program designed to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the HR Business Partner role. The benefits of the certification include enhancing credibility, increasing job opportunities and salary potential, and gaining recognition as a competent HR professional.

What are the job prospects for the Certified HR Business Partner?

  • The job prospects for Certified HR Business Partners are promising, as the HR industry recognizes the importance of HR in achieving business objectives. The certification provides individuals with the necessary skills to succeed in HR Business Partner roles, which are in demand in various industries.

What is the relevance of HR Business Partner certification in the industry?

  • The certification is highly relevant in the HR industry as it establishes a standard of competence and professionalism, providing HR professionals with the necessary skills to contribute to business success.

How long is the HR Business Partner certification valid?

  • With GSDC certifications, you only need to obtain them once, as they have a lifetime validity and do not require renewal or any renewal fees.

What benefits does the HR Business Partner certification provide to the organization?

  • The certification helps to ensure that HR professionals have the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to the success of the organization. It also establishes a standard of professionalism within the HR department, improving overall employee morale and engagement. Additionally, having Certified HR Business Partners can help organizations to attract and retain top talent.

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