5 Best Online HR Certifications in 2024

HR experts need powerful tools nowadays. Jobs for HR specialists will grow 10% from 2020 to 2030.  This guide shares five great online HR certifications ...
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The Importance of FinOps Certification in Today’s IT Job Market

In today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving IT job market, having the right skills and certifications is crucial for success. And when it comes to managing ...
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Welcome toTraining Estonia

For over 27 years, we’ve been committed to empowering individuals and businesses to reach their potential and stay competitive in the ever-evolving labor market.


As an independent training center, we have forged a solid reputation in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, thanks to our cutting-edge knowledge and innovative, flexible training programs tailored to meet your unique needs.

Why ChooseTraining Estonia

Enjoy Risk-Free Training

Our training comes with insurance. Should any delegate become unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, we offer the opportunity to re-attend the same public class within 6 months at no cost. Securing your training investment, only with us.

Wide Range Of Courses

We provide top-tier training in IT, Security & Coding, Data & Cloud, Business Productivity, Leadership, Management, and more.

Global Partners

Training Estonia collaborates with leading global training firms to provide a diverse course schedule. We utilize the finest resources to deliver top-notch technical, application and business skills training. We assure our clients superior scheduling, quality, service and value.

Certified Instructors

Training Estonia's certified and experienced trainers guarantee quality instruction for students.

Customized Training

Get personalized training solutions with Training Estonia to meet your specific needs!

Regularly Scheduled Courses

Regularly scheduled training allows companies to quickly enhance their employees' skills.

Training Solutions

Get comprehensive training solutions with Training Estonia! We cooperate with top organizations to broaden your learning opportunities.

Guaranteed To Run

Backed by global partners, we proudly provide the largest guaranteed-to-run (GTR) schedule worldwide.

Training Quality

Our top-class instructors boast an impressive average score of 8.51 on a 1-9 scale! We use your survey feedback to continually enhance our training delivery.

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