Information Technology Management and Leadership Professional (ITMLP)

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3 Days

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Instructor Led - Online

Our certification workshops are recognized as two of the top IT leadership training programs by and respectively – both organizations that understand how important it is to have highly trained, knowledgeable professionals at the helm of any successful IT organization.

At these workshops, you will gain access to leading methodologiestrends, and best practices currently being used in the industry – all in a high-energy environment filled with interactive activities that increase your knowledge retention.

Not only will you walk away with an understanding of what it takes to be a successful leader today; you will also receive access to our IT Leadership Growth Library for one year after completing your certification exam.

The reality is that competition for world-class technical talent is fierce and you need to be prepared if you want to outshine your competitors. Our certification program offers a comprehensive understanding of what’s required from an IT leader today so that when opportunities arise, you’re ready to seize them with confidence.

Don’t get left behind when it comes to staying up-to-date on industry standards — develop the skills needed to thrive in this fast-moving sector with our top quality IT Leadership training program today!

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The ITMLP Certification Boot Camp workshop contains a collection of key IT topics designed to increase the effectiveness of soon-to-be, new, and experienced first-line IT Managers, by:

  • Widening their knowledge of IT
  • Discussing strategies to maximize user support and satisfaction
  • Providing insights into IT innovation and technology trends
  • Providing information on the use of various IT best practices.


  • Created by CIO with deep IT experience
  • Highly specialized to unique issues facing IT
  • Covers both tactical and strategic topics
  • Efficient and targeted delivery
  • Designed for multiple learning styles
  • Maximizes attention and retention
  • Delivered in a choice of formats
  • Energetic and compelling


  • Essential foundation for new IT Managers
  • Expansive discussion for more senior IT Managers
  • Produces most effective IT management
  • Improves IT internal team communication
  • Enhances quality of IT customer/user service
  • Provides environment for tech innovation
  • Facilitates IT thought leadership
  • Builds the indispensable IT “bench”
  • Invests in vital IT resource–people


  • Confers career enhancing IT certification
  • Assures successful transition to IT mgmt
  • Minimizes strategic IT risk
  • Assures lowest possible IT cost
  • Reduces overall IT corporate exposure/cost
  • Ripples to improved corporate IT culture
  • Improves overall IT communication
  • Accelerates IT management communication
  • Maximizes IT energy and commitment
  • Enhances IT productivity
  • Reduces IT attrition
  • Maximizes expensive staff resources


Course Prerequisites:

No specific prerequisites are required for this course, although prior experience in the field of IT would certainly be beneficial.

This comprehensive course is specifically tailored for aspiring, new, and experienced first-line IT managers.


The ITMLP certification classes help IT individual contributors:

  • Enhance their understanding of IT as a business function
  • Enhance their interpersonal communication to IT leaders and business users
  • Enhance their current job performance
  • Position them for promotion
  • Help accelerate their upward professional mobility

The ITMLP certification classes help IT organizations maximize their productivity by:

  • Reducing turnover and enhancing employee motivation by expanding the management ability of first and second line IT managers
  • Helping to create a positive IT culture through enhanced employee communication
  • Enhancing business user satisfaction through a greater understanding of internal client service concepts and best practices
  • Expanding IT’s “Management Bench Strength” by providing pre-manager, new manager, and experienced manager training geared directly toward the business of IT

IT Administration Professional

Management Professional


DAY 1 – Technical Leadership

Life as a Technical Manager

  • Characteristics of Successful IT Managers
  • Making Technical Decisions
  • Managing Multiple Projects

Managing Hybrid and Virtual IT Teams

  • Hybrid and Virtual Challenges
  • Hybrid and Virtual Leadership Best Practices
  • Task Type Needs
  • Virtual Task Assignment
  • Personality Types
  • Communication Strategies

Influence-Based Technical Leadership

  • Bloom’s Core Influence Characteristics – Situational Influence
  • Situational Influence
  • Cialdini’s Six Principles of Influence
  • Cohen-Bradford Influence Currencies
  • Using Influence Within an IT Context

DAY 2 – IT Methodology and Innovation

Methodology Overview

  • Waterfall
  • Agile/Scrum
  • IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
  • Lean IT
  • DevOps

IT Megatrends

  • Digital Transformation / Digital Strategy
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • 3D Printing
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy
  • Other Key IT Trends

IT Manager’s Perspective on Cybersecurity

  • Attack Type Examples
  • Types of Cybersecurity Activities
  • The Cybersecurity/AI Connection
  • Common Cybersecurity and Privacy Frameworks
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • Three Pillars of Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity Maturity Models
  • CIA Triad of Information Security

DAY 3 – Business of IT

IT Funding and Cost Center Management

  • Project/Production Team Mathematics
  • Components of your budget
  • IT funding and allocations
  • Annual budget process
  • IT budget issues and tips

IT Vendor Management

  • Providers and strategic partners
  • Considerations when selecting a vendor
  • Vendor management life cycle
  • Vendor oversight
  • Outsourcing and cloud considerations

IT Internal Client Service

  • User Experience
  • Internal Client Service Concepts
  • Managing Client Satisfaction
  • Managing Client Expectations
  • Measurement and Prioritization

Exam Details

Exam Certification Process

Each exam consists of multiple choice and situational short answer questions.

Typically, the exam takes 3-4 hours to complete, is open book, open note, and can be completed all at once in in multiple sessions at your convenience.

The exam is included in the class fee, at no extra cost!

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Organizer: Training Estonia

Academic Hours: 24 academic hours (3 days)

Experience Level: Experienced

Labs: No

Continuing Education Curriculum Group: Computer Use

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