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Instructor Led - Online

Looking to develop your Excel skills and learn how to effectively use Excel functions such as pivot tables and lookups? Look no further than Training Estonia, a leading training center in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.


Our Excel courses are designed to cater to both beginners and more advanced users, teaching fundamental and advanced skills that are essential to making the most of this powerful tool. With a focus on practical applications, our courses provide learners with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate complex data sets, create and maintain effective spreadsheets, and analyze data with ease.


Our experienced trainers are dedicated to providing comprehensive training, offering hands-on support to ensure that you receive the best possible learning experience. We understand that everyone’s training needs are different; that’s why we offer a range of flexible training solutions to meet learners’ individual needs. From on-site training to remote learning, we provide a range of flexible training options to suit your needs.


So, whether you are looking to improve your Excel skills for work or personal use, our courses are the perfect choice. Join us at Training Estonia and take your Excel skills to the next level.


Course Time is "CET" - Central Europe Time!

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Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to leverage the power of data analysis and presentation in order to make informed, intelligent organizational decisions.


To ensure success, students should have completed Excel Essentials or have the equivalent knowledge and experience.


Working with Functions and Complex Calculations

  • Summarising Data using Functions (Sum/SumIf, Count/CountIf etc.)
  • Work with Logical Functions
  • Work with Lookup Functions
  • Work with Date and Time Functions
  • Work with Text Functions

Working with Lists and Tables

  • Sort and Filter Data
  • Remove Duplicate Values
  • Group and Outline Data
  • Subtotal Data

Visualizing Data with Charts

  • Create and Modify Charts
  • Use Advanced Chart Features
  • Save a Custom Chart Template

Using Tables, Pivot Table Reports and Pivot Charts

  • Create and Modify Tables
  • Use Functions to Calculate in Tables
  • Create a Pivot Table Report
  • Manipulate Pivot Tables
  • Present Data with Pivot Charts
  • Filter Data by Using Slicers and Timelines

Additional Info

Organizer: Nexus Human

Academic Hours: 8 academic hours (1 day)

Experience Level: Experienced

Labs: No

Continuing Education Curriculum Group: Computer Use

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