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Certified PMO Professional Training

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Welcome to the globally recognized Certified PMO Professional certification, brought to you by the esteemed GSDC. This certification validates your expertise in PMO management, from strategic planning to stakeholder engagement, resource optimization, and performance measurement.


But wait, there’s more! If you’re looking for a top-tier training center in Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania, look no further than Training Estonia. We offer comprehensive training to prepare you for the Certified PMO Professional certification, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to excel in your career.


Why choose the GSDC Certified PMO Professional certification? Employers worldwide value this credential, knowing that it signifies a commitment to career advancement and proficiency in aligning projects with strategic goals. With this certification, you’ll expand your career opportunities and be better equipped to lead and manage PMOs, making a significant impact within your organization.

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  • Enhances career prospects and advancement opportunities.
  • Demonstrates commitment to professional growth.
  • Improves credibility and recognition in project management.
  • Enables effective PMO leadership and management.
  • Aligns projects with strategic objectives and optimizes resources.
  • Improves overall project performance.
  • Enables valuable contributions to organizations.
  • Understand the Practical knowledge of PMO Implementation Toolkit.


  • Establish a global certification for PMO professionals.
  • Validate expertise in PMO management.
  • Assess knowledge and skills in strategic planning, portfolio management, resource optimization, stakeholder engagement, and performance measurement.
  • Demonstrate commitment to career advancement and successful project delivery within a PMO.
  • Enhance credibility and recognition in project management.
  • Expand career opportunities.
  • Enable effective management and leadership of PMOs.
  • To guide the real time implementation of Project Management Tools and Templates.


  • Project Managers (IT or non-IT)
  • PMO managers and Team members
  • Project team members for all projects
  • Business Analysts, Customers, and Project Leaders who want to learn more about a PMO


1. Understanding The PMO Framework

  • Organizational Project Management Framework
  • Portfolio, Program, Projects
  • Aligning projects and strategy
  • Knowledge management, Talent management
  • OPM Governance
  • OPM Implementation and ongoing operations
  • Overview and defining the PMO

2. Assess PMO Maturity, Culture And Defining An Attainable PMO Roadmap

  • Assessing PPP domains
  • Assessing OPM maturity
  • Assessing organizational culture
  • PMO best practices
  • The evolution from project to portfolio
  • PPM in the strategic PMO

3. PMO Implementation Path

  • Combining OPM maturity best practices
  • Types of PMO’s
    • Directive PMO’s
    • Supportive PMO’s
    • Controlling PMO’s
  • Change management for PMO
  • A suitable organizational structure for the PMO
  • Processes, standards & methodologies
  • Role of the PMO in the maturity assessment process processes & standards

4.Project Management Methods / Methodologies & Pmo Governance

  • Elements of a sound OPM/PMO methodology
  • Project management best practices to create a methodology
  • Overview predictive and empirical methods (agile vs traditional)
  • A governance framework

5. Delivering Business Results Via The PMO

  • Business intelligence
  • Make trade-offs between many desirable opportunities
  • Estimation of resources and capacity against resource demand
  • Better understand project interdependence
  • Handling requests of Project and functional managers for more time, money, and resources
  • Evaluate the inherent value and risk of projects in the portfolio
  • A PMO dashboard

6.The Enterprise Project Management Office

  • Developing the Enterprise PMO (EPMO)
  • Structuring the Enterprise PMO
  • Stepping Up the EPMO Maturity
  • Critical Success factors for EPMO
  • Random Forests

7.PMO Implementation Toolkit

  • Project Initiation Templates
  • Project Planning Templates
  • Project Execution Templates
  • Project Monitoring Templates
  • Project Closure Templates
  • And many more


  • There are no particular prerequisites for this certification.
  • Knowledge of business domains and project management will be beneficiary.

Exam Details

  • This exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions.
  • Candidate needs to score a minimum of 65% of the total marks (i.e. minimum 26 out of 40) to pass this examination.
  • The total duration of this examination is 90 minutes.
  • There is no negative marking system applicable to this PMO certification exam.
  • In case Participant does not score passing % then they will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. Re-examination can be taken up to 30 days from the date of the 1st exam attempt.


1. Who is the ideal audience for the PMO certification?

  • The GSDC PMO Professional Certification is ideal for individuals who have experience in project management, specifically within a Project Management Office (PMO) environment. This certification is suitable for PMO professionals, project managers, business analysts, program managers, and individuals seeking to enhance their PMO expertise.

2. What is the GSDC PMO Professional and what are its benefits?

  • The GSDC PMO Professional is a globally recognized certification that validates an individual’s expertise in managing and leading Project Management Offices. The benefits of this certification include enhanced PMO skills and knowledge, recognition by the industry, increased career opportunities, higher earning potential, and improved job performance.

3. What are the job prospects for the GSDC Certified PMO Professional?

  • Individuals who hold Project Management Office certifications have a competitive advantage in the job market. They are well-equipped to take on leadership roles within PMOs and project management teams. Job prospects for certified professionals include PMO manager, project manager, program manager, business analyst, and consultant.

4. What is the relevance of the GSDC PMO Professional certification in the Industry?

  • PMOs play a critical role in ensuring the success of projects and organizations. The GSDC PMO Professional certification is relevant to the industry as it validates an individual’s expertise in managing and leading PMOs. This certification ensures that professionals have the necessary skills to establish and manage PMOs, resulting in improved project outcomes and organizational success.

5. How long is the GSDC Certified PMO Professional valid?

  • With GSDC certifications, you can rest assured that they will never expire, eliminating the need to renew them or pay any renewal fees.

6. What benefits does the GSDC PMO Professional certification provide to the organization?

  • The GSDC PMO Professional certification provides several benefits to the organization, including improved project outcomes, streamlined processes, increased efficiency, and better stakeholder management. Organizations with certified PMO professionals are better equipped to deliver projects on time, within budget, and with high quality, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and organizational success.

7. What is the PMO Toolkit, and how can it benefit you?

  • The PMO Toolkit is a resource designed to supercharge your project management skills. It consists of over 300+ pre-designed templates, each accompanied by clear instructions on how to effectively utilize them. Whether you’re an experienced project manager or just starting your journey in the field, the PMO Toolkit equips you with the tools and knowledge you need to enhance your project management expertise, streamline your processes, and achieve greater project success.

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