Certified Generative AI Professional Training

Certified Generative AI Professional Training

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The GSDC Certified Generative AI Professional Training and Certification holds immense significance, offering professionals the opportunity to stay ahead in the AI revolution and excel in diverse industrial applications.


Generative AI has the potential to unlock innovation across various aspects of business, with 67% of surveyed senior IT leaders prioritizing Generative AI within the next 1.5 years. This certification equips individuals with in-demand skills and knowledge in implementing and deploying generative models, making them valuable resources for prospective job prospects and their present companies.


The GSDC’s commitment to providing certification exams ensures that professionals can showcase their proficiency in generative AI, emphasizing its relevance and value in contemporary society.

By obtaining generative AI professional certification, individuals will witness firsthand the transformative power of the upcoming AI revolution and its impact on various industries, while also gaining expertise in applying generative AI techniques across diverse industrial applications, opening doors to exciting opportunities.


Whether it’s creating realistic synthetic media or generating innovative solutions, this AI certification enables individuals to contribute effectively to the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence.

Enroll today to become a certified generative AI professional and unleash your boundless AI capabilities in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

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  • Industry Recognition
  • Stay Ahead in the AI Revolution
  • Excel in Diverse Industrial Applications
  • Unleash Your Creativity
  • Drive Ethical AI Adoption
  • Contribute to Ethical AI Practices


  • Marketing professionals
  • Engineers
  • Scientists
  • Chief technical officers
  • Chief information officers
  • Change practitioners and managers
  • Data analysts
  • Content creators
  • Digital marketers
  • Customer success professionals


1. Foundations of Artificial Intelligence:

  • An Overview of Traditional AI
  • Unpacking the Concepts of Machine Learning
  • Delving into Deep Learning
  • Distinguishing Between Discriminative and Generative Models

2. Generative AI Principles:

  • Introduction to Generative AI
  • Exploring Transformers in Generative Models
  • Mastering Prompt Engineering Techniques
  • Understanding Foundation Models
  • Examining Types and Applications of Generative AI

3. Large Language Models (LLMs):

  • Introduction to Large Language Models
  • Leveraging the Advantages of LLMs
  • Evolution of Large Language Model Development
  • Significance of Fine-Tuning Large Language Models

4. Google Cloud Generative AI Tools:

  • Utilizing Generative AI Studio
  • Harnessing the Potential of Gen App Builder
  • Exploring Generative AI Studio within the Google Cloud Environment

Exam Details

  • To pass the exam, participants must achieve a minimum score of 26/40 marks (65%).
  • If a participant does not pass on the first attempt, they will have one free retake opportunity, which can be taken as soon as 24 hours after the initial attempt.
  • The assessment will consist of a multiple-choice exam of 40 questions.
  • If a participant does not pass after two attempts, they can retake the exam within 30 days of the first attempt for no additional fee. This allows for multiple retake attempts within one month to help participants successfully demonstrate competency.


How would this certificate help professionals based in Europe?

  • Professionals in Europe can benefit from the Certified Generative AI Professional certificate by gaining expertise in the cutting-edge field of generative AI, staying ahead in the AI revolution, and enhancing their career prospects with in-demand AI skills.

Who would gain the most value from pursuing the Certified Generative AI Professional?

Could you give an overview of what the Certified Generative AI Professional entails and how it equips certificate holders?

  • The Certified Generative AI Professional equips certificate holders with expertise in applying generative AI techniques across diverse industrial applications, driving ethical AI adoption, and staying at the forefront of the AI revolution.

What types of career opportunities are available to those who have earned the Certified Generative AI Professional?

  • Earning the Certified Generative AI Professional designation can open up a range of exciting and high-paying career opportunities in the tech industry. Here are some of the potential career paths that you could pursue:

1. AI Engineer: As an AI engineer, you would be responsible for designing and implementing AI systems. This can include creating the algorithms that power these systems, training machine learning models, and integrating AI solutions into existing software.

2. Data Scientist: With expertise in generative AI, you could also work as a data scientist, using your skills to extract insights from large data sets. This could involve building predictive models, designing experiments, and developing machine learning algorithms.

3. AI Researcher: As an AI researcher, you could focus on advancing the cutting-edge of machine learning and developing new techniques for generative AI. This could involve working on developing new architectures for neural networks, designing new algorithms, or conducting experiments to test the effectiveness of different approaches.

4. AI Consultant: If you prefer a more client-facing role, you could work as an AI consultant, advising businesses on how to integrate AI solutions into their operations. This could involve identifying areas where generative AI could be useful, developing models to solve specific business problems, and helping to implement and integrate AI solutions.

Overall, there are many exciting career opportunities available to Certified Generative AI Professionals, with roles that span a range of industries and specialties. Whether you are interested in research, development, or consulting, generative AI expertise can help you to build a rewarding and fulfilling career in the tech industry.

In what ways is the Certified Generative AI Professional applicable and useful within the industry?

  • Those who have earned the certification as a Generative AI Professional can pursue a career in industries such as healthcare, finance, and retail, working with technologies like natural language processing and machine learning to improve customer experiences and drive business growth.

For how long does the Certified Generative AI Professional remain valid before needing to be renewed?

  • Lifetime validity assures GSDC certificate holders that their credentials will never require renewal payments.

What advantages can organizations expect from employees who have achieved Certified Generative AI Professional status?

  • Organizations can expect advantages from employees who have achieved Certified Generative AI Professional status, such as having a valuable asset with in-demand AI skills, expertise in generative AI cybersecurity, and the ability to lead AI projects and drive ethical AI adoption.

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